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Do you enjoy ranting and writing? We’d love to showcase your work so why not fill in the form below, get in touch and join the family?

Still have some doubts? Hopefully the answers below can help.

What can I write about?
Anything and everything (well… within reason). We want to give our writers creative control and the freedom to write about a topic/theme of their choice and where we can, we’d love to link your piece to a charity or campaign to help provide further information. So whether it’s something you want to rant about or something you want to raise awareness about, don’t be shy, send us through your ideas or piece!

Stuck on a theme but want to write?
Don’t worry! Drop us a line and we can help find you something to write about by finding out what interests you. You can even pitch us some ideas and we can support you to find an idea. Drop us a line: thecolloquiumbunch@gmail.com

Do I have to be a certain age to write something?
We’d love to get a wide range of perspectives for our blog and do not want to segregate our writers by any demographics – gender, race, age etc.