WhatsApp Image 2017-12-22 at 16.20.22Sana – The one who thinks she’s in control.

I once described myself as 50% British, 20% Pakistani and 30% Bollywood, and I don’t think anything can ever do me more justice. Passionate about a few things – Diversity, Culture, Religion, Gender Equality, Race Equality and Bollywood.

Always laughing or complaining – either or, really.  I like to keep people on their toes. If not fed, can be prone to adopting a hangry demeanour.

Discovered my passion for ranting from a very young age, but my passion for writing only more recently so naturally the next steps were to create a blog site with the BFF.

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whatsapp-image-2017-12-22-at-16-20-22-e1514041367992Ellyn The one who’s really in control.

If I had to work out my percentages, I’d probably be 50% British, 50% Scottish – which kind of means 100% sarcasm.

I’ve always loved to write, red-pen everything and enjoyed foisting my opinions on people – I used to be a teacher, can you tell? So, I guess blogging just makes sense! My pet passions are the creative arts, education, equality and the media – and I’m also a total weirdo for new notebooks, pens and Excel spreadsheets.

I tend to be found trailing after my nuisance of a best friend, ensuring she’s fed on time, trying to keep her out of trouble, and then cleaning up the mess when she inevitably ignores me – and failing that I can be found with my head stuck in a good book, which, let’s be honest, often becomes a Buzzfeed quiz. I also have a long list of Netflix shows I’m slowly working my way through. Oh, and sometimes I can be seen dabbling on one of the many musical instruments I pretend to play.

View my rants here