How my workplace helped me this Ramadan | Sana

I remember not that long ago, I was chatting to some friends and family about the new routine we would soon have to adapt as the holy month of Ramadan was coming towards us. Many of the people I spoke to were concerned about how they were going to manage their sleeping, lack of eating and work routine. Continue reading

We Need To Wake The F*@$ Up | Sana

I remember how, yet again, I found myself googling a young girl’s name to find out what happened. I remember how my stomach turned when I read a headline:

“Justice for Asifa – An 8 year old Kashmiri infant who was kidnapped and gang raped in a Hindu temple for 8 days.” Continue reading

It’s just religion talk | Hafsa & Sana

Disclaimer: We have not written this article with the intention to cause offence. Please do read it with a comical tone but understand that the purpose of this article is to get you thinking about all religions, not just Islam and encourage you to start having meaningful conversations. This article is based on our personal views and experiences.

We believe that everyone interprets religion in their own personal way. Every individual is unique and therefore every interpretation is unique. In the UK, about 75% of the population associate themselves with a religion, and yet it is not at the forefront of many conversations. Continue reading

My top 3 commuter pet peeves | Sana

I’m a ‘considerate commuter’, so much so I could add this to my LinkedIn bio. Considerate commuter – this is a thing, I promise you. I know it’s a thing because I just invented the phrase. A considerate commuter refers to someone who is not completely self-obsessed and realises that they are surrounded by thousands of other people as they plod along to work. They abide by all unwritten travelling etiquette Continue reading

PMS – It’s real. So, what are you doing to help? | Sana

It’s hilarious how astute I am with my hormonal changes when leading up to my period. My PMS is so loyal it could teach us a thing or two about integrity. But what I have started to find more fascinating recently is how my best friend, boyfriend and family react when I’m going through this phase. Continue reading