Embrace the diversity | Hafsa

I was brought up in “the most multicultural society in the country” – or so I’ve proudly said for the past 10 years of my life. And yes, geographically I do live in a place considered the most multicultural in the world – but is it really? Continue reading

2018: The year we take the pressure off | Ellyn

What did you do this New Year? How long did you spend planning it? Were you determined it had to be the ‘Best. Night. Ever.’? Did you try to send off 2017 with a bang, reminiscing about all your successes and not-so-successes and vowing that 2018 is going to be your year?  Continue reading

PMS – It’s real. So, what are you doing to help? | Sana

It’s hilarious how astute I am with my hormonal changes when leading up to my period. My PMS is so loyal it could teach us a thing or two about integrity. But what I have started to find more fascinating recently is how my best friend, boyfriend and family react when I’m going through this phase. Continue reading