Meet Our Writers


A 25 year old Scottish girl trying out a life in the Highlands of Scotland. I enjoy writing nonsense, travelling extensively, listening to the music and eating copious amounts of cake. View my rants here


I have a passion for all things equality and the power of education. Deep conversations, debates about politics and religion and learning about the inequalities in society ignited the fire to write something. I enjoy reading, travelling, trying new experiences. Having previously worked in the financial sector, education sector and now the non-profit sector, I combine my experience, knowledge and opinions to provide a different perspective. View my rants here


There are a lot of topics I’m entitled to and will rant about which you’ll 100% find relatable. My favourite Netflix series would have to be Sense8 followed closely by Black Mirror. I’m a ‘glass half empty’ type of girl with aims of changing my worldview to ‘glass half full’. View my rants here


22-year-old dude that knows what he wants and how he wants it but is too lazy to do anything about it. I like football. I like basketball. I like my friends. I am good at maths. I am bad at bios. View my rants here