It’s okay to take time for yourself | Lauren

Over the last year, I’ve been thinking a lot about my personal health. It’s a “new year’s resolution” of mine to pay attention to (and hopefully improve) my personal wellness. That’s a phrase I saw a lot in 2017 – personal wellness. Continue reading

Am I Too Old for Madonna? | Cindy

I’m 53 now, but I’m not old, right? I mean I’m sore. So sore. But I’m still young inside, right?

Okay, my knees are shot. My back is shot. My hip is shot. I’m also a bit overweight. Like a bit of a grown man overweight. And maybe another bit of a grown man. Then several other bits thrown in for good measure. The difficulty in climbing a flight of stairs is exceeded only by the impossibility of coming back down again. Knees, you see. And did I mention I’m sore? Continue reading